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Carla, my wonderful coworker at ARGRA, brought me across the ESMA campus to this massive warehouse and introduced me to Juliana, one of the artists working there. This is an informal combination of interview and tour, as Juliana explains what it's…

English translation follows:

[official declaration of the Movement for Memory and Organization, we express in total the objectives and history of the Monument to the Original Woman project]:

The Monument is a project that aims to honor the…

artists at Monumento al Mujer Originaria have been sculpting this two-story-tall monument from massive blocks of foam. It will be used to make a cast, and the finished monument will be cast in bronze melted down from hundreds of thousands of keys…

A life-size statue magically stands on the underside of a metal girder several stories in the air at the galpón (warehouse) space used as a gallery and studio by Monumento al Mujer Originaria

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Carla, my coworker at ARGRA, brought me to the MMO workshop/gallery, housed in this massive warehouse on the grounds of ESMA.

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The Wiphala is a Quechua flag used as a symbol of pan-Andean indigenous power and cultural pride. This flag hangs above the enormous doors to the galpón, or warehouse, which is used as gallery, headquarters, and studio space by Monumento al Mujer…
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