Monumento A La Mujer Originaria

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Monumento A La Mujer Originaria


Monumento a la Mujer Originaria (Monument to the Original Woman) is a grassroots public art project undertaken by Movimiento Memoria y Organizacion (the Movement for Memory and Organization, both abbreviated MMO). The monument is going to be the largest sculpture in Argentina and is an homage to the original indigenous communities (pueblos) of Argentina. It is being made entirely out of donated bronze scraps sent in from across the nation and designed and fabricated completely by volunteer labor. MMO is a radical organization of artists and historical/cultural workers who aim to honor the heritage of Argentina and celebrate diversity, unity, and inclusivity. This collection includes scanned flyers and MMO mission statement from sculptor Andrés, photos of their warehouse gallery/studio/office space, and a talk with Juliana, one of the artists working in the MMO studios.

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giant Wiphala hanging above entrance to the MMO space
The Wiphala is a Quechua flag used as a symbol of pan-Andean indigenous power and cultural pride. This flag hangs above the enormous doors to the galpón, or warehouse, which is used as gallery, headquarters, and studio space by Monumento al Mujer…

Carla wanders among the paintings at MMO
Carla, my coworker at ARGRA, brought me to the MMO workshop/gallery, housed in this massive warehouse on the grounds of ESMA.

statue installed upside-down on a ceiling girder at the galpón
A life-size statue magically stands on the underside of a metal girder several stories in the air at the galpón (warehouse) space used as a gallery and studio by Monumento al Mujer Originaria
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