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Seriagrafistas Queers


Seriagrafistas Queers is a printmaking collective focusing on queer social and political themes. I visited the workshop and home of Mariela Scafati, a founding member, to interview her and learn about the group's tactics and processes.


July 2016

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Mariela displays a banner made by Seriagrafistas Queers
Mariela is standing on a staircase holding a banner

Mariela displays printed banners in the studio
Mariela stands on the staircase holding up a large banner as her cat watches. The banner she's holding reads "cuerpos parlantes" - 'bodies forward' - and the Colectiva Lohana Berkins banner to the side reads "the time for revolution is now."

In this in-depth interview, Mariela describes her process as an artist and activist and the origin and future of Seriagrafistas Queers.
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