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Monumento A La Mujer Originaria


Monumento a la Mujer Originaria (Monument to the Original Woman) is a grassroots public art project undertaken by Movimiento Memoria y Organizacion…

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ARGRA Fototeca


Images I took archiving and restoring film at the Fototeca (photo archive) of the Argentinian Photojournalists' Association (ARGRA). Most are from the…

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Marcha Contra Las Travesticidas


Transwomen face disproportionate violence and murder in Argentina today. I attended this march with Cecelia, Nicolas, Milly, and many other friends…

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Seriagrafistas Queers


Seriagrafistas Queers is a printmaking collective focusing on queer social and political themes. I visited the workshop and home of Mariela Scafati, a…

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