This site is an archive of images, audio, objects, and words centering around artistic activism in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We ask what artistic activism looks like - in Argentina in particular, as informed by its culture and history - and how it's done. Features include interviews with artist-activists and documentation of pertinent events and places.

To navigate the site, you can search keywords or click on tags to see like items by location, item type, and organization. Or you can browse exhibits of photos, recordings, and written reflections centered around different places, organizations, or events. If you want to see photos of the Palermo neighborhood, for example, filter by the 'photo' and 'palermo' tags, or browse through the Palermo's Queer Nightlife exhibit for a multimedia look.

Recently Added Items

tour of MMO galpón with Juliana

20160722 135746.m4a

Carla, my wonderful coworker at ARGRA, brought me across the ESMA campus to this massive warehouse and introduced me to Juliana, one of the artists…

Group statement from Movimiento Memoria y Organizacion on the construction of Monumento al Mujer Original


English translation follows:

[official declaration of the Movement for Memory and Organization, we express in total the objectives and history of…

scanned event flyers from artists at MMO workshop


Top flyer is from Andres, the sculptor spearheading the Monumento project, advertising his studio. Bottom is an event flyer from the exhibit space at…